Making Amends

After the fog had lifted and all the men with purple suits and reapers had been defeated Sam landed and shrunk back to normal size by making his wings bigger and growing a tail. "well that was exciting, anyone know what all that was about? We should help clean up." Sam took the initiative by walking over to one of the people cowering behind one of the stalls and trying to calm them down.

Zach sighed as he didn't do much in the fight since he was just a sidekick.

Sharona saw him looking sad as she elbowed him in the gut and said, "Stop your sobbing and help clean up you big baby."

Zach rubbed his sore ribs as he nodded and began to clean up the mess.

Sharona saw Zach was feeling useless once again and knew he was annoying in this frame of mind so she pinched him on the cheek and said, "Well since you failed to man up you have to pay the penalty again."

Zach looked concern as he realized Shaona was going to punish him again. His sense of fear snapped him out of his depression as he tried to think of a way to appease her. Several thoughts went through his mind as he was in a panicked mode. He could see the wicked smile on her face as she was looking forward to punishing him once again.

Then Zach said, "Perhaps we can get you some sweets on the way home?"

Sharona gave Zach a wicked smile before she let go of his cheek and said, "Hmmmm. Ok then but they better be good ones."

Zach nodded in fear, as the thought of having to wear girly clothes again sent shivers down his spine yet again. Since they grew up together Sharona knew exactly how to manipulate Zach and it scared him deep inside despite his feelings for her.

As they helped clean up the damage to the food and game booths they saw the locals were calming down and also began to help with the clean up as well.


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