Time To Chill

Zach stretched his sore back after picking up a lot of heavy trash since he was hoping to get Sharona in a better mood. So far she was amused by his efforts as she gave him a hard time for wimping out during the fight. Zach of course took it like a champ as always and smiled at her as if he accepted her trash talk.

The heroes had done a great job of helping clean up the mess caused by the villains at the food festival Sam joined the group when they all had finished, "Wow, that was a big mess. I doubt the festival will start back up until the people calm down more. What do you guys want to do with the free time we have now?"

Seeing as they had met with trouble at Galaxy Burger and the Food Fair Zach was hoping to avoid any additional combat so he suggested they get some ice cream and head to the park to chill for a spell.


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