The Master of Illusions

After a good 5 hours, Michael was ready. The aliens would cower in fear from his wrath. And with the hero's weakened from fighting, they wouldn't last long against his clones.

"Clones, prepare for murder." He said with a wicked smile.

He twirled his cane forming a purple bubble around himself, as it floated into the city. Michael amplified his voice so everyone could hear him.

"Attention lesser beings, heroes, humans, and aliens alike, the Master of Illusions has arrived. Running would be a very smart choice."

And with that, the same clones from before began raining from the sky, armed with rapiers.

"Take this into account, heroes. My clones are willing to "assist" you, until this unearthly scrum is eliminated, but all of my clones are skilled in multitasking."

Purple smoke covered the alien smoke, replacing the sickness that some of the heroes where facing with rose scent.

"When this is over, however, I won't hesitate to rip every hero in sight limb from limb."

The clones charged, slicing at everything that they encountered. When a clone died, it exploded. The clones had managed to kill a few of the aleins, but they imideatly began during left and right. "Maybe I should take a different approach." Mic said. He flew off, returning in only s few minutes later. Michael was standing in his bubble, along with Andre and Kalo. "Damn! They're tearing the city up!" Michael smiled. "Exactly, but I don't fit in to this mayhem, my clones aren't powerful enough, I have to return to my lab to conjure new ones. Kalo stared at him. "Do you want us to fight those things?" Kalo asked. "No, I want you to help." I need to think up a plan that doesn't include me getting killed." A laser hit the bubble, rocking it fiercely. "You see, my forces are powerful but not unstoppable." He suddenly gasped. "Ah! I just got an idea!" His clones instantly melted, forming a giant blob, it the nearest alien and sucked it up inside of the blob. "A virus! I'm going to poison those damned aleins. But it's going to take time." He chuckled. Andre and Kalo where carried away from the bubble with purple smoke all around them. They ended upnear hero high were the aliens started attacking, in other words, near the heroes. "Need a little help? Kalo said as the cloud dropped them.

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