Mic fell on one knee as he crushed the very last Shy'n with his power. Andre was tired and the bit of adrenaline he had left was the only thing that kept him from collapsing. Kalo stood, weak, and likely in the worst condition, but not showing it due to his demonic pride. Mic smiled. "Guys, I think we won." He managed to stand, using a cane he conjured for support. "The Master if Illusions has done it again." He wanted to celebrate, but his problems weren't over yet. An unknown party opened fire at the three, Kalo taking a seemingly natural position in the path of the bullets, managing to shield the other two. "Andre, a spot 'o help?" Mic asked in a British accent. The speedster dashed to the shooters' location, and came back panting. "Looks like enemy clones. Master unknown." He said. "Who wants to kill me now?" Mic questioned. He shook his head. "I'm gonna bounce folks, you two take a lift to the ground, it was nice seeing you again, though, Andre. Best 'o luck." Two winged clones grabbed Kalo and Andre, leaving Mic behind. They bring them to the ground before disappearing. "Ah, we ain't seeing him no time soon." Andre said, smiling. "Abracadabra!" Mic shouted, purple smoke clouding his escape. When it cleared, the trickster was gone.

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