Andre stepped back s bit before spotting a candy machine. He quickly smashed it and gobbled up half of the candy inside. His eyes glowed, as the pain he had before was replaced with adrenaline. "You shouldn't have ducked with me, ya freak!" He smiled and smashed into the boy at super speed, sending him flying. "Hurts, don't it?"

Grim stood, unfazed. "Not at all." Bones insidehis hands broke as a sharp bone grew out of his finger tips. They formed deadly looking blades sticking out of all his fingers and thumbs. "Bit the will." The boy charged, but Andre was two fast, he dodged it easily. Andre gave the boy a few extra punches before he could turn around. Grim growled as he charged again. Andre ran around him just as sharp bones shot out of sides, forming a wall. "You can't trap me, bitch!" Andre shouted, before vibrating straight Grim's bone wall. He stopped and began vibrating again, before sticking his hand through Grim's chest. He stopped vibrating and violently ripped his hand from Grim's chest, leaving a whole. Andre sighed as the hole began to heal. "Ah, I'd love to play but this is just gonna drag on and on, so I'm just gonna bye!" Andre dashed off, full of energy, and left the boy behind. He ran to his hideout under the school. It had been broken open, and inside was something extremely Shy'N looking, like some sort of egg. Andre sighed. He took a remote out of his pocket and backed away, as he pressed the button, destroying his home and the Shy'N egg thing. He sighed again and looked up at the school. "I'm gonna have to go undercover then. He stepped back and took out a phone.

Ten minutes later, Kalo was carrying Andre up to the school. "After all that, no way the defences will be strong enough to catch me." Andre was right, as most of them were destroyed or already triggered. He dashed through the halls and into the cafeteria, no one saw him enter, and hopefully he wasn't very popular yet. Just incase, though, he would change his clothes as soon as it was safe to leave the cafeteria.

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