Dead and dying

Sam smiled at Sharona, "You would do that for me? Thank you, please make sure it is a stuffed chimera. I wouldn't want Zack to forget what I looked like, and I am afraid dying is beyond my control. Yakol always implants a dead-man switch in all of his clones and he sets it to a timer. He likes putting it in the heart or head somewhere to make an effective death. It is relatively inconspicuous and if we try to remove it I would die. I have never seen one fail before." Sam was scratching himself and decided to take off the hospital gown, "I am not wearing this, it is too scratchy. I can grow my own clothes." He sat there a moment with the hospital gown on the floor. His chest changed color but that was about it. "Well Daaarn, I guess my powers are messed up more than I thought. Well, I can always go out like this. I don't look human and I got nothing to hide anyway."
Hakham found one of Yakol's dead clones while shifting through some rubble. He picked it up and put it in a pile of other dead. He somehow knew it wasn't Yakol and kept looking. He wouldn't give up the search until he found Megan dead or alive and rescued as many civilians in the process.
Yakol had not seen any more Shy'N in a while. He was tired and wanted to find someplace to sleep. He didn't think it would be safe to return to school even if he changed gender in case Major Victory recognized him. He found a slightly demolished Apartment building and settled down there with his clones. They changed gender before going to sleep as 4 sleeping guys in an abandoned building were less likely to run into trouble.

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