I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Andre used his super speed to trail Sam, Kali flying him around. When they got back, Kalo shape shifted in a attempt to get inside the school. Andre and Kalo watched the girl chase Zach around, before being sent away. They followed her until they could figure out her destination and appeared in front of the classroom door. "Maybe you shouldn't treat the poor kid like that, you might actually kill him one day, and boy will you look stupid."

She attempted to shoot him but her ghosts had little affect on him when he vibrated, and Kalo just got out if they way.

"Not trying to be hostile, girly, just a bit of constructive criticism, if you know what I mean."


Sharona clenched her fists as she was about to cut loose on the two nosy students telling her how to live her life. Apparently they called her bluff with her not so serious ghost attack. Just as she was about to summon a horde of Mini-Boom Ghosts, when Professor Campo looked at Kalo and Andre and floated in to stop them.

Prof. Campo: Yo Ms. Orpheus find you seat. I already started class. As for you two don't you have a class to be in? The last few days have been rather taxing and I am not in the mood for anymore you kids causing any shenanigans.

Then Sharona took her seat as she grumbled to herself while Prof. Campo escorted the two boys out of his class. After they were gone Prof. told the class he understood that it was going to be rough for a while they were still sorting things out at school and the city, but he still expected them to behave and do their work in school. Sharona was still in a foul mood as she sulked at her desk. She was both relieved that Zach was not blowing her off, but sad that he lost his memories. Of all the people in her life other than her father, Zach was the only one who truly understood her. However now he would see her as a stranger and it pained her that he might not see her that same way he did before.

Meanwhile with Sam and Zach:
Sam decided to go to the same class as Zack. The advantage of being a clone was that he hadn't been labeled as hero or sidekick. He probably could be a hero even with his currently reduced powers. He took a seat next to Zack and leaned over to him, "You know even though Sharona can seem scary at times you two love each other. She might have a hard time expressing it, but she used to use fear tactics just to get you to do what she wanted."

Zach looked at Sam blankly as he was talking to him then at his assignments then at Prof. Marsters. He wasn't sure how to explain his situation and knew he was in deep trouble as he was trying to take it all in. It was obvious he was worried by the look on his face as he was listening to Sam.

Zach whispered to Sam: Ummmm.....Sam right?

Sam nodded.

Zach: I am so lost right now. I think my memory of school was wiped out too.

Sam's eyes bulged out as he saw Zach was now in more trouble than before.

Zach sighed as he knew he was now even farther behind than he realized and would have to most likely fail this year.

Zach: Man unless I get some serious help I am so going to fail this year.

Sam: I'd like to help but......... hey maybe Sharona can help you. It will give you two a chance talk again and from what I heard from some other students, she is gets good grades too.

Zach: Now that you mentioned it, I think you are right. I'll ask her when we get on the bus. I just hope she calms down by then. She was really peeved just a while ago. I hope no one makes her angry before I see her again.

Sam nodded as he agreed and tried to make sense of the lesson they were listening to.

TAG (Hey Andre and Kalo I think you miss understand how Sharona's ghost powers work. Right now she has Nega-Ghosts which make the victim severely depressed and the Mini-Boom-Ghosts which explode like a concussion grenade. Both forms of ghosts work using dark spiritual magic meaning they only have to touch your body/spirit to get you. Andre would be affected regardless of his vibrating since it made contact with his atoms and Kalo can not simply dodge since the ghosts lock on like a heat seeking missile. They would have had to get out of her range which is about a 1000 feet radius.)

Keep in mind you got in her face and made her attack you while she was in class.

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