Hakham flashback

While he sat in class Hakham's mind wandered back to the day he had made his first clone.

It was a mid summer day ten years ago. Hakham had unintentionally scared his parents earlier that day by looking like Hobbes from his favorite comic strip and them mistaking him for a real tiger. He had run off and wandered around blaming himself for causing trouble for his parents and thinking about all the times he had scared them or made them worry. His powers were getting stronger and he was having trouble controlling them at times. He found a fair and decided to look around to help make himself feel better. He bought a ticket for the kids eating contest with the money he had left from his weekly allowance hoping food would make him feel better.

He won the contest, but afterwards he had retreated behind the tent feeling wrong all over. He began changing and splitting and at last there were two of him standing there looking at each other, but a key difference was present in this iteration of the memory. This time in the memory he was the clone, but everything after the split was the same. Yakol insisting that their parents should only have to worry about one child and insisting that Hakham be the one to return to their parents.

Hakham was confused by this sudden daydream and as he thought of why he was suddenly having these strange problems with his mind. He couldn't think of anything and asked to be excused from class to see the nurse.

He explained his problem to doctor Lena. He told her about his memories changing overnight and his memories seeming to change even from long ago. He told her this wasn't the first time this had happened, but that it seemed to be getting worse. He begged her to do whatever she could to help his mental condition.

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