OOC - Recap Update

It has been about a month or so since the war between Earth and the alien Shy'N race. Now the people of earth are trying to rebuild their cities, tend to their wounded and dead and get on with their lives. The students of Hero High are also trying to get back into a semi regular daily pattern of school. However this is proving difficult for some while they are still adjusting to the changes in their life.

If your character was wounded or suffered any loss please address it for the others so they don't include them in a bad story line.

Right now security is high but not tight anywhere in the world and some criminals might try to take advantage of the situation.

Many Heroes, Sidekicks, Villains and Citizens were wounded or killed during the war so it is taking some time to deal with them. Since many are out of action it has put the burden on the few that are still active so tension is still high and humor is at an all time low.

For those who missed it:

Zachary Bell was given the power of (All Power Nullification) on his right arm that works on contact by Nikslitslepmur. It does NOT permanently nullify powers but it does take a while to recover from it. It also nullifies his power to glow on his right arm only. So he must be careful not to carelessly touch anyone with powers regardless of origin with his right arm. However while neutralizing the power crystal in the mothership of the Shy'N he suffered head trauma and last his memories of his past. Now he is struggling the catch up in school and try to fit in with strangers who claim to know him. To make things worse Zach lost his father in the war so he now has no family.

Disco Flash aka Dan Jansen was killed during the war against the Shy'N. He was Zach's father and a member of the League of Heroes. He was not close to Zach since he spent a lot of time womanizing.

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