Zach looked around the roof as he had never been there before....or at least he didn't remember if he had in the past. Unfortunately Zach's memories were wiped out during the war with the Shy'N. He didn't even remember getting his new power from some crazy powerful imp named Nikslitslepmur and using it to neutralize the power crystal of the Shy'N mothership. Zach's right arm can now neutralize any power but only on contact. Once the contact is broken the powers can return at different times and levels. The funny part is that his glowing powers still work on his body except for his right arm. Zach now only remembers the last few months since Sam rescued him from the destroyed mothership.

(When Daniel looks at his weaknesses he will only see a blurry image since the power of his right arm is interfering with Daniel's power.)

Sharona was not to interested in the view since she had been there before several times. More than anything she was concerned about Zach adjusting to his life style. In the past they were childhood friends and she loved to torment him because she felt she owned him. However after he lost his memories of his past she has been unusually nervous about Zach not liking her anymore. So she had cut back on the master/slave relationship they used to have and now she just bullies him a little when she is not tutoring him or helping him socialize.

(When Daniel looks at her weaknesses he will see she has a dark and scary energy signature glowing about her. Despite her having a normal human body her spirit harbors a scary dark magic.)

Sam's stomach growled, "I could go for a Galaxy burger about now. Funny how you get hungry when someone mentions food." Hakham sighed, "I just got to the roof, why don't we stay in one spot for at least a little while and enjoy the view. Otherwise I can follow you wherever you guys go. I will warn you Moses that I can eat as much as I want and never get full so be careful about offering to treat." Hakham looked over at Daniel wishing he had brought a book before remembering that he had school books he could read in his back pack. He pulled one out and sat down with his feet dangling over the edge waiting for the others to decide where to go. "At least we have an odd number of people this time so that there isn't going to be another tie over where to eat."

Sharona: Well if we go to Pizza Planet you two (Hakham & Sam) could try that Mega Pizza Challenge. If one of you alone can eat a Mega Pizza which is 3 feet (1 Meter) in diameter our food is free.

Zach: Wow a 3 foot wide pizza. That's intense.

Sharona: Yeah but Sam eats like Sky's dad so I think he can do it and if Hakham is anything like Sam the odds are in our favor.

Zach: That sounds kinda cool. Are you guys up for that?


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