Holidays and storms

Alvin was getting bored and lonly. He had studied up on his magic and practiced techniques to battle other necromancers better. He hadn't found a way home either. One day he asked Prime Time to celebrate the festevel of new life which after some explaining bore quite a few resemblences to Christmas. "we can plan a hiest or start a small buisness venture to get some more funds for your plan to take on the league of hero's.

Sam and Hakham spent Christmas together and had a great time. Yakol on the other hand was living in abandoned buildings trying to keep warm. The winters got so cold that he decided to sneak back into Hero High. He got past security by pretending to be Hakham who forgot something after school when school started back up. He began living in the ventilation and raiding the Cafateria when no one was looking. It was like old times and he was abble to use the school library after school hours.

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