“No!” Shayne called, throwing her bright yellow sweatshirt on the ground on my way to her room. “I’m almost fifteen!"

“Which is exactly my point.” Shayne's mom said back, calmly. She slammed the door, crossed her arms and leaned back against it. Hot tears burned behind her eyelids.

Shayne liked the idea of going to Westbridge High school, a normal high school with normal kids. So what if Mom was some hero going to save the world? That didn't mean she had to follow in her footsteps. And transferring in mid-semester? That was even worse.

“Your powers getting stronger by the day, it's only a matter of time before something happens. "

"You promised, you said if I didn't use them outside the house, and technically the garage is attached to the house."

"I promised that if you could keep it in check, you could go to normal high school. And you're not keeping it in check. When it was just flashy colors, that was one thing. But light wave blasts? Pulsars? Face it baby girl, you're on the fast track to hero-hood." Her mom said just as calm, knocking soft from the other side of the doorway.

“You don’t trust me!” Shayne accused, leaning back hard on the door, bright light flashing angrily as she did. "You're treating me like a kid."

“I shouldn’t.” Her mom said playfully. “Seeing as it’s an exceptionally mature tantrum you’re throwing.” Shayne ripped open the door.

“This isn’t fair! You made me move! You said it would be better here, that we’d have a house and a garage, and we’d spend more time together, and now Hero High? I don't want to be you. I want to surf and play the drums and do normal kid things.”

"You're not a normal kid sweetie. And you know what they say, with great power...."

"Ugh!" Shayne interrupted, but the fight was over. She was going to Hero High.

She woke up early the next morning, pulling on a teal t-shirt and purple acid wash jeans, finishing it with bright yellow accessories and a neon green jacket. Her bright pink shoes matched her hair color of the month, and she ran a hand through the shaggy cut to complete the 'messy but not too messy' look she liked. Her mom, of course, was already off saving a kitten from a tree or whatever it was she did every day.

Shayne looked wistfully over her shoulder at her old bus stop, as the Hero High bus pulled up to the stop. She swallowed the butterflies in her stomach, and stepped onto the bus, taking the first available open seat she found.

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