This Little Thing We Call Christmas

Oshiro walked past many shops in his jog around the city. The idea of Christmas confused him, even if he has seen plenty. It was no longer religious, but they did worship a fat elder that only exists to sell merchandise. He had wondered if those movies were just another one of humanities lies to stir up the idea of 'Christmas Spirit'. To Mr. Oshiro, the 'spirit' usually meant life-savings spent on useless trinkets.

Even as he watched, he couldn't help notice how humans want goodwill towards men, even as wars rage on, and the poor receive a quick season of slight improvement.

"Humans...they act more like kitsune than anything, tricking people in believing such a ridiculous notion..." He spoke softly to himself.

He continued to walk, feeling as though this would be a perfect time to visit Hero High, or maybe even Prime Time's base.

"He'll be soon recruiting as I hear it...time to see what his cronies have in store for me..." He smirked evilly, thinking of the powers he'd soon acquire.

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