During Christmas break Zack was learning all about holiday spirit from Sharona and Dr. Orpheus as they were visiting a vacation house in the underworld. Zach was a bit on edge but managed to adjust as Sharona explained what they were seeing and doing. Zach tried to enjoy himself but it was hard to do that in a spooky place.

Zack was slowly adjusting to his new life day by day. After destroying the Shy'N's main power crystal in the mothership to help the Heroes win the war, he lost his memory. Normally after loosing your mother when you are a baby is hard enough to accept and it is even worse after loosing your distant womanizing father in the recent war with the alien race called the Shy'N. However he was lucky enough to have supportive friends and teachers during his adjustment. His past memories only included simple memories like tying his shoe and brushing his teeth. So he was far behind the other students at this point. This complicate things his right arm temporary nullified all powers it came in to contact with even his own glowing power. His best friend Sharona and her father Dr. Orpheus took Zach in since he was still a minor. Zach was also fortunate to have made other friends like Sam and Hakham. He also was fortunate to have the support of the Hero High Staff who knew his late father.

After Christmas was over the second half of the year seemed to go by pretty fast as News Years past followed by Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and then Easter. Sharona made sure to teach Zach what the holidays represented, especially Valentine's Day. She tricked him into buying her gifts in order to spend more time with him. It really bothered her to have to restart their relationship again since it wouldn't be hard for him to be tricked by other females. Sharona made sure the other students knew Zach belonged to her, but convincing Zach was a different story. In order to make Zach dependent on her help she tutored him in his school lessons and all the past events that he forgot. The temporary memories that Dr. O implanted in his mind had long faded by now due to his right arm so Zach only had small moments of his being with Sharona in the past.

As she struggled to catch up he often wondered about his past and why he ended up as he did. He didn't even know he save the world at the cost of his memory nor how he gained his nullification power. To many questions with no answers kept him awake at night.


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