The Boys Are Back in Town

Andre lay across his bed, snoring rather loudly.


"Tickets." Another voice added, instantly waking the raven haired boy.

"What, huh, tickets?" Andre asked, confused.

He turned to be meeted by big blue eyes.

"Long time no see! I guess I really tired you last night, huh?"

"What do you mean, tickets?" Andre asked, ignoring the random gay comment.

"Tickets to Paris!" He said with a perfect French accent."Wait, that isn't right! No, tickets to Yellow Wood!"

"Yellow Wood?" Andre asked."As, in..."

"My code name for the Downtown Airport, which is only ten miles away from the flying fortress itself, the one, and only, Suuuuuuppppeeerrr Heeeerrroo Hiiiiiiggghh!"

"Dude, were actually going back? You've cleared our names?"

"Clean as a whistle, baby!"

"Dude, I love you!" Andre said excited.

Micheal pointed at him."You don't know what love is!"

Andre stood and stretched, dashing around the from, he collected all of his belongings, just a drone or robot prototype here and there.

Micheal hovered slightly, changing his clothes, and removing his beloved purple and golden jacket and hat.

"That's better, now let's hope we aren't re-cog-nised, I've been planning this mission for quite some time now."


Andre lay on his back as wind whiped trough his hair. The bus was moving quite fast through the air and he loved it. He also decided that he loved laying on top of it rather than inside it. Both of the students had already been registered into the school's data bases by Micheal, of course, pretending to be their parents.

"Now remember. Limited troublemaking, Andre. Limited. This is what we've been waiting for!"

The two hopped off of the bus, Micheal from the inside, and Andre literally off of the top. Andre stretched and Micheal put his hands behind his back.

"Now, I believe we need to do a meet and greet with a member of the staff. We shouldn't be re-cog-nised because we haven't been very busy in the past mouths."

"Whatever you say, I just hope they have some kinda track, damn I hope they have a track, they should. What kind of school wouldn't?"

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