ventilation information and hiest plans.

Yakol was moving trough the vents. He had changes his form into that of a long snake so that he could get around quicker and easier while making less noise. His time living in abandoned buildings had made him lonely and looking through the ventilation slits to observe the students and teachers was his new pastime. He was currently watching the newcomers display their powers and get placed in hero or sidekick classes.

Sam and Hakham were hanging out with Zachary and Sharona between class. Sam had suggested that they look like twins to confuse the new students and Hakham was playing along, the only differences were their shirts and the fact that Sam wasn't wearing pants since he had nothing to hide beneath the fur. Sam was excitedly trying to make after school plans. "So, I found out about this new paintball place opening up near the lazer tag zone. I haven't done either and thought it would be fun for us to go after school."

Alvin was using a spell to remotely view the interior of the bank and another spell to write the layout down on a large piece of paper. The hiest was almost ready to commit and all he needed was for prime time to approve the plan and decide a date to pull it off. He had a list of recomondations when the most money would be in the bank at one time.

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