not caught yet.

Yakol was suprised he had been found, but this was one of the reasons he wanted to get a look at the new students. He slithered down the ventilation away from the gym hoping not to be outed by this new student. He came upon a supply closet and exited the ventilation. He decided that for now he should hide in plain sight until he could find out more about the new student and how she had found him. He tried to think of who best to pose as, and he thought the teachers might catch on if he posed as Sam. He settled on Major Victory as it would give him an excuse to go almost anywhere. He was starting to think this was a great plan as long as he didn't run into the real Major Victory. He tried testing out his best Major Victory voice, and he scolded himself for not planning for this scenario. His imitation was a little off, so he plaid it up a little to sound like he had a cold. he entered the hallway as the next classes were starting, hoping no one would notice and not talking unless absolutely necessary.

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