Fight in the Halls.

(jumping a head a bit)

Gray headed off to catch up with Sky, but heard shouting in the hallway. Three boys were yelling at someone. Not extremely loud but enough Gray could hear it. He then recolonized one voice belonged Sky. She was not yelling, but had yelled back. "Leave me alone." Sky said to the others. "Crap..." Gray thought and took off running down the hall not caring if he got in trouble later.

When he got there a boy who went by Zeal and his two lackies. Gray couldn't remember their names. Slapped Sky across the face shouting something about being a freak. They didn't notice Gray until his fist connected with Zeal's face. He took a step back ready to fight the 3 of them until he won or until a teacher would show up.

It was not an easy fight they did get several good hits in. Gray looked rough but kept them away from Sky. Some alarms started to sound due to the chaos in the school.

(Tag Teacher or other student)

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