Quiet. Too Quiet.

Sani grumbled to himself: the past months of being benched by Luciane and doing recruitment having driven him up the wall. "Wasn't my fault that the league caught onto the Marshmallow plan," he mumbled, the code name for the plan to bring Hero High crashing down. Foiled due to their cannon being replaced with a fun note, claiming it had been donated to science. Luciane had been livid. "But that's all done now," he thought to himself, black wings unfurled to their full glory as he soared low and far.

The ex-angel snickered to himself as a thought crossed his mind, with his darkened angel wings unfurled. In a way, he was a tiny bit like Satan. Fallen from heaven and all that jazz. Just without as much red and hate for others. Maybe they would get along. (OOC: Oh, the irony here is amazing...)

Hearing his stupid phone beep again, he quickly whipped it out and pressed the device to his ear. "Hello Ms. O," he said, trying to get under his boss's skin as he continued flying. "No, I'm not there yet. I still don't understand why you wanted me to go," he said, and finished the thought in his head. "But anything's better than trying to train the new receuits." Letting his mind trail off as his boss droned on, he thought about how annoying it was that the new recruits were struggling with this "evil" concept. The two girls still had too much "good: in them; too much fairh in heroes. And despite all of Octavos's claims for their potential, it was annoying as heck to try spur them into action against good. And the one guy they managed to recruit? He already ran off.

"Didn't even take a phone," he grumbled, his mega-boss usually tracking their vast criminal network by encrypted cells on a different and advanced network. On an interesting note, she had given him two extra phones, as well as some other gadgets that were usually under lock and key. Cloaking, presence erasing, disguise. All the little disks hung at his hip as he neared the target, flicking on his presence erasing and cloaking as he got closer.

"What could be at Hero High," he asked himself rhetorically.


Luciane scowled quietly behind her mask, just after her conversation with Sani. In reality, she had sent him to the flying fortress of good as a way to throw one of the recruits into deeper water, and let them see how the good and bad fought till there was no good and bad. "Deep water," she mumbled to herself again, looking over the girls as she picked one to be sent.

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