Land of Confusion

Sam and Hakham were hanging out with Zachary and Sharona between class. Sam had suggested that they look like twins to confuse the new students and Hakham was playing along, the only differences were their shirts and the fact that Sam wasn't wearing pants since he had nothing to hide beneath the fur. Sam was excitedly trying to make after school plans. "So, I found out about this new paintball place opening up near the lazer tag zone. I haven't done either and thought it would be fun for us to go after school."

After Sam came up with the idea of paintball, Sharona thought it was a great experience for Zach since he was still learning about life outside school all over again.

Sharona: Sounds like a good idea Sam. I think it would be good for Zach too.

Zach: Huh? What a sec what's paintball?

Sharona: A fun game you will enjoy.

Zach: Uh Shar you said the same thing about our last trip to the Netherworld too.

Sharona: And don't deny you have an adventure there.

Zach: Zach you have already lost all your precious memories of our childhood together and if you make an effort in making new ones with me I might forget we are best friends.

Sharona gave Zach a deadly glare that sent shivers down his spine.

Zach: Uhhh....well since you put it that way Shar. I guess I'll go.

Sharona smiled at Zach and hugged him before patting his head.

Sharona: Good boy.

Zach: So when and where are we doing this.....paintball thing?

When he got there a boy who went by Zeal and his two lackies. Gray couldn't remember their names. Slapped Sky across the face shouting something about being a freak. They didn't notice Gray until his fist connected with Zeal's face. He took a step back ready to fight the 3 of them until he won or until a teacher would show up.

It was not an easy fight they did get several good hits in. Gray looked rough but kept them away from Sky. Some alarms started to sound due to the chaos in the school.

As the sirens went off the real Major Victory was walking down the hall while pushing a cart of food he had just prepared in the cafeteria. He was on his way to meet Principle Carson for a slightly romantic lunch when he saw some students in a fight.

Major Victory: HEY YOU KIDS! What are you doing over there?

Alvin was using a spell to remotely view the interior of the bank and another spell to write the layout down on a large piece of paper. The heist was almost ready to commit and all he needed was for prime time to approve the plan and decide a date to pull it off. He had a list of recomondations when the most money would be in the bank at one time.

As Prime Time looked at the plans he smiled. He liked how thorough Alvin was in the details. He nodded as he was about to approve the plans when he became panicked.

Prime Time: Ummm they look good go ahead with the plan. I gotta go! Something came up.

Prime Time quickly ran off like the wind and took off flying at a low altitude. He was trying to stay below the radar and eye sight. Once he was far enough he headed towards an old deserted burned down peanut factory. He had used it as an old hideout in the past. As he entered the building he looked around to make sure he was alone. He grabbed his gut in pain as he dropped to his knees in a pool of sweat. Suddenly his sweat began to turn into pink goo and literally melted off his body. As the pink goo dripped to the floor in huge globs the figure of a small boy was taking shape till all that was left was a 13 year old boy covered in pink goo and kneeing on a huge puddle of pink goo. After catching his breath Niles began to cry. He hated being his helpless self again. Now he was vulnerable to being hurt again and he was scared. He knew he would have to wait out his recharge time before he could go back. He was upset that he forgot to keep track of his power cycle phase. He was luck no one was on to him yet. The last thing he wanted was to be found out.


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