OOC - Changes

Recently, I've been trying my absolute hardest to keep two of my favorite characters, Andre and Micheal from falling into the abyss of forget, but I am beginning to feel that they are the problem. If I remember correctly, Jaxx posted after me, and completely ignored the arrival of my characters
And know this sounds wrong and nasty, but I'd originally solve my emotional problems by typing curses in all caps, so I'd say it's an improvement. Anyway, I feel that the reason for this is becausey characters are too OP. If this is the case, telling me would have been nice, but that just didn't happen.

I thought about it and decided to go withy original choice. The reason searched for this site in the first place, to play the role of my #1 favorite OC, Kalo. And rather than attempt to destroy Hero High from the inside using some weird magic that no one asked for, I am simply going to try and be "normal" (I hate that word). In other words, until I can think of a good loophole of some sort, I'll just be a regular super hero in training. Hopefully, that will allow my character to be accepted.

Also, if Kalo's shirt is still red, then the pic didn't update for some weird reason....

And, if Jaxx still doesn't respond, I'm going to attempt to revive Villain High, or something...

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