First Day

A new kid stepped off the bus. He was mostly covered up by his jeans and red Old Navy hoodie as if he were hiding, but a passing look could make out the boy's black skin and bits of blonde hair from under his hood. He seemed very shy and withdrawn, like he was hiding or nervous about being here.

He'd tried to have some small talk with the student he sat next to during the bus ride, but Cole had very mixed feelings about the whole situation. This was really his first time out in the world since it happened, which meant a chance to start anew and be normal. But it was also his first time out in the world since it happened. Cole was dangerous and didn't really care for this idea.

But Mr. Stephens told him to try and make the best of it. "This is the future, not the past," he said. "You've come a long way since I met you, Cole, so it's time to get back out there and have a normal childhood." So when Cole did brave eye contact with any of the other students, it was with a warm smile and soft blue eyes. Though guarded, Cole did want a friendly hand to reach out to him.

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