Meanwhile the Triad which consisted of Dr. Orpheus, Al Chemist and Jefferson Starlight was off in the Netherworld fighting a demonic tree that was trying to enter the human realm. They fought it with all their might and powers but it was not about to go down lightly. However as luck would have it the team managed to weaken the tree enough that Dr. O could cast a demon spike into its core. Now while that did very little damage to the demon tree since it was already demonic. However the tree was not expecting it to have a transfer link to it as Al whipped out a blessed cross and did a transfer spell. Suddenly the cross glowed and vanished from Al's hands and then the demonic spike suddenly appeared in his hands. The tree demon realized it to late as the blessed cross burned it from the inside out till it turned into energy and vanished. Seeing that they were done Dr. O canceled the demonic spike and made it vanish while Al fetched his golden blessed cross.

The three friends were happy that they save the earth again from certain doom and decided to get some Mexican food for lunch. After leaving through a portal Dr. O summoned they made their way to Cheweys for some chimichangas.


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