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The day started outed out the same as Zach and Sharona rode the flying bus to school all week. During class at Hero High Zach and Sharona went through the daily routine of Hero and Sidekick classes. Sharona was bored in Hero class and Zach was still struggling to keep up in Sidekick classes. Since he lost his memory of his prior life before the defeat of the Aliens called the Shy'N who attacked the world last year. The temporary magical memories Dr. Orpheus copied from Sharona's mind to Zach's were just about faded now and Zach was making new memories. Since his father Dan Jansen aka Disco Flash died in the war with the Shy'N, Dr.O took him in since Zach and Sharona were close childhood friends. Zach was labeled a sidekick since his original power was to glow like a light stick. His lame powers often caused him to get bullied by Heroes and Sharona. Even though Zach gained a new ability which allowed his right arm to cancel any power on touch regardless of origin, his memory loss put him at a disadvantage so he remained a sidekick. Sharona of course called dibs on Zach as her future sidekick and bullied anyone who tried to claim or bully him. Zach and Sharona manged to make several friends in school who helped Zach out on many occasions. Among Zach's friends were Zalman Carpenter, Grayson Valentine, Sky Free and Sam. Since they was in their second year of Hero High they didn't share all the same classes this time.

Sometimes Zach was on his own, but luckily the staff was understanding and would use telepathy or technology to help him catch up during tutoring. Usually it was Professor Campo tutoring him with a fancy machine. Principal Carson made all the arrangements to aid Zach since he lost his memory and father in the war with the Shy'N. Sharona was also doing her best to help Zach at home. She even tutored him in homework, magic, house chores and cooking. Oddly enough he was a natural at cooking and cleaning which made it easier for him. Sharona would not admit it but she really missed the old Zach and found it difficult to see him suffer. She was still a bit pissed about not going to Homecoming and Prom last year with Zach due to Atarishiana trying to destroy the school and the Shy'N trying to destroy the planet. This time she was determined to got to both with Zach. First she needed to get Zach to take her to Homecoming first. Since he was still fuzzy on the concept of dating she needed to take the lead.

As they walked down the halls to lunch they saw several girls gossiping about going to Homecoming with their boyfriend or some guy who asked them. Since their was no real sports team at Hero High the student council had more time to work on the gym decorations. Sharona was feeling a bit annoyed as Zach had yet to ask her to Homecoming.

Sharona: So Zach what are your thoughts on Homecoming?

Zach: I am not sure but everyone seems excited about it. How about yourself?

Sharona: Personally I see the whole thing as some glamour competition to show off.

Zach: Oh that's to bad then.

Sharona: What? Why?

Zach: I thought you would want to go since you are a girl.

Sharona realized she just dug herself a hole by not being honest with her feelings in the beginning.

Sharona: Well not that I need to go to that sort of thing, but I think it would be a good experience for you since you are still learning this stuff.

Zach: Yeah maybe, but I really don't know.

Sharona: What is there to think about you just ask the girl you want to take and if she says yes you have a date.

Zach: What if she says no?

Sharona: Well in theory you just ask another till one says yes, but I think your odds are good. Who did you have in mind?

Sharona was hiding her hopes that Zach would ask her to the dance.

Zach: Well I was going to ask you, but since you don't want to go so I guess I could ask her.

Zach pointed at a pretty Senior female Hero was walking by with her female friends. She was wearing a pretty yellow dress skirt and had the power to shoot lasers from her eyes and hands.


Then out of curiosity he approached her and asked her out to Homecoming. As Zach smiled hoping for success he was unaware that Sharona was giving off a killing aura behind him at the pretty Senior female Hero he was talking to. Of course the pretty Senior female Hero got the message loud and clear to stay away from Zach.

Pretty Senior Female Hero: Aww that is so sweet Zach. Don't get me wrong you are a sweet guy, but I think it would be better to take your girlfriend. Girls hate guys who cheat.

The pretty senior female Hero and her friends quickly left to get away from the scary looking Sharona who had a bad reputation as a bit of a bully when it came to Zach. Now unknown to Zach he was pretty well known by the school and somewhat popular for destroying the Shy'N Mother ship computer and loosing his memory and father during the war. The main reason others avoided him was because Sharona didn't want any competition interfering with her conquering Zach's heart yet again since he forgot about the first time.

Zach: Huh? Who is she talking about Shar?

Sharona: Apparently there is a rumor about us being a couple since we are always together.

Zach: I'm sorry Shar. It must be a hassle for you.

Sharona: Oh well it can't be helped then. I'll be your date then since the whole school sees us that way.

Sharona was excited she managed to twist the situation around in her favor.

Zach: Are you sure Shar? I thought you didn't want to go. If you prefer we could just skip it.

Sharona gave Zach a dark smile which made him very nervous. It was obvious he said or did something wrong to upset her and would have to fix it somehow.

Sharona: Zach, I'm sorry I think I miss heard you. I could have sworn you were going to ask me to Homecoming like a proper gentleman and treat me like a proper woman.

Zach was scared at this point since Sharona seemed upset with him. Seeing he needed to appease her he instinctively gave into her demand.

Zach: Umm....Shar would you like to be my date at Homecoming?

Like night and day Sharona quickly became a snarky but sweet girl again and dropped her dark aura.

Sharona: Why Zach how sweet of you to ask. I would love to be your date for Homecoming. In fact after school you can go shopping with me for a dress since it's Friday. We can also pick up your outfit as well.

Zach: Are you sure its not a problem?

Sharona: Zach....sweety....(pinching his cheeks) I know your new to the whole dating thing so but instead of questioning me you should be pampering me and telling me I am pretty. Otherwise I might get upset with you.

Zach could feel the pressure to do as Sharona told him in order to keep her from getting mad again and save his tender cheeks from her tight grip.

Zach: Are you sure this weekend will be enough time to get what you want?

Sharona looked at Zach who was really trying to appease her and gave him a half smile with her tongue in her cheek.

Sharona: Aww you do look cute when you try like that, but don't worry Zach. All you really need to do is give me your opinion on which dress looks best and carry my bags.

Zach: So I am just a pack mule to you?

Sharona: Be a good date and I might just reward you.

Zach: Somehow I feel like I don't have a choice in the matter.

Sharona: See you're learning already.

After school was over Zach and Shar left on the flying bus and arrived at home. Once again Dr. O was out with his team on some mission and Zach and Sharona were on their own for dinner. Seeing that they were going out they changed into some comfortable clothes and walked to the bus station to take the public bus. As luck would have it the mall was not to far from their neighborhood. After arriving they ate at the food court. They both ate Chinese food as Sharona told Zach what she would be looking for. Zach quietly listened as he ate his food. Once they were done they walked in and out of several stores. Zach was getting a bit tired and annoyed as he followed Sharona who could not find what she was looking for. She looked through several pretty dresses but didn't like the way they made her look despite Zach's approval. Eventually they arrived at a store called Hot Topic which carried gothic apparel.

Hot Topic

Sharona was happy to see that they catered to her taste. In fact she was able to find everything she was looking for. She found the dress, boots, parasol, make up, hat, nail polish and jewelry. With some help from the clerk she modeled it for Zach.

Sharona's Homecoming outfit

Zach was in awe by how pretty Sharona looked. When she saw his jaw drop and he was unable to speak she was pleased to see that was the reaction she was hoping to see. She had the advantage of knowing Zach's tastes and used that to win him over. After purchasing Sharona's choices Zach was forced to carry her bags as Sharona started shopping for Zach. Eventually she found a nice black suit with a black/red tie and a red shirt. Then she picked out some nice black leather shoes for him. Zach was worried about the price since he was on a fixed income but Sharona insisted on paying. Zach was a bit embarrassed when the clerk smirked at him when Sharona paid. After they were done shopping they took a break in the food court and had some ice cream. At this point they were a bit tired from shopping and wanted to rest their feet before taking the bus home. After waiting an hour they took the bus home and put their outfits up.

Zach was a bit nervous as he was feeling indebted to Sharona. Despite the fact that she was his best friend he still knew very little about her and their past. Just when Zach thought he was going to have a quiet night alone Sharona insisted they watch a vampire movie and eat popcorn for the rest of the night. Zach gave in to her request and felt awkward as she leaned on him and watched the movie. The whole movie he was nervous as he felt like she was flirting with him. He did his best to not push his luck and think about other things to calm his mind.


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