Zach was a bit nervous as he was feeling indebted to Sharona. Despite the fact that she was his best friend he still knew very little about her and their past. Just when Zach thought he was going to have a quiet night alone Sharona insisted they watch a vampire movie and eat popcorn for the rest of the night. Zach gave in to her request and felt awkward as she leaned on him and watched the movie. The whole movie he was nervous as he felt like she was flirting with him. He did his best to not push his luck and think about other things to calm his mind.

It wasn't long before Homecoming was around the corner. Many of the girls were wearing Hero High Mums and the guys with dates had on a Hero High boutonnieres. This of course did bring on a bit of jealousy among the singles in the school. Of course Sharona wore a gothy version of a mum and gave Zack a matching gothy boutonniere to publicly display ownership of him. Zach was still unclear to the point of Homecoming but was staying quiet to avoid upsetting Sharona. As the day went on the students gossiped all day about the upcoming event to the point of annoying their teachers. It was clear they were not going to get through the lessons for the day. Once school was over the students quickly headed to the busses to leave the school so they could get dressed for the dance. The staff and student council sighed as they quickly headed to the gym to finish decorating it for the dance before having to get changed.

Sharona nagged Zach with their schedule of him going with her to the hair and nail salon before they went home to change. Zach just smiled and nodded as he saw her in a good mood for a change. It was obvious she was looking forward to the event. After they left the bus they walked to the salon so Sharona could get ready while Zach looked up several websites to help him catch up on what he missed after losing him memory. He had been doing this ever since he was taught how to use his smart phone. Sharona even encouraged him to continue his learning since he lost fourteen years of his life. Though she found the lost and confused Zach cute, she hated having to earn his affections all over again. She was determined to make him love her again and possibly make him a stronger man this time. Of course there was still the fear of him getting close to another girl so she tended to get a bit possessive with him. After running their errands and getting home they changed and had dinner at the nearby Chinese restaurant. Zach was a bit nervous seeing Sharona looking rather attractive in her gothy dress. Especially when she held his arm and got close to him. Zach had a bit of trouble ordering food since he didn’t know what most of it was so Sharona had to help him a lot. After a decent dinner they used some disposable toothbrushes in the bathroom and headed to the bus stop to find Dr. O waiting for them. Since he was going to chaperone the dance he waited with them. This of course annoyed Sharona since it meant her dad would be interfering with her lovey dovey time with Zach.

After the bus arrived they all got on board to see several other students dressed up all nice and high spirits. Dr. O of course killed the mood as he got all dramatic about the kids obeying the rules of proper etiquette and rambled on and on. After arriving at Hero High the student were glad to get away from Dr. O and his pompous mouth. Once inside the gym the students began to mingle with each other. It was obvious who the single kids were as they sullenly leaned on the wall hoping to find a dance partner at the last minute. Others mingled around the juice and snack table in order to look like they were to cool to dance. The serious couples were quick to find their place on the dance floor as a live band was playing a mixture of fast and slow songs. There was also a DJ to fill in when the band took a break.

Sharona wasted no time sneaking away from her father as she dragged Zach into a far corner to dance a slow song with him. Of course it wasn’t long before Dr. O spotted her only to see her glaring daggers at him as he was approach them. Seeing that his daughter was in the mood to be selfish he reluctantly backed off as he moved about the gym with the other staff members. Once Sharona had Zach to herself her mood became more pleasant. The music began to play as the students were dancing.


Zach: Are you okay Shar?

Shar: Yeah daddy was trying to kill the mood so I had to stare him down.

Zach: Yeah I noticed he doesn’t like it when you get close to me.

Shar: It’s not just you Zach, it’s any guy. Daddy is just over protective. You’re probably the only guy he tolerates around me.

Zach: Oh really? I never saw that.

Shar: Relax Zach tonight is our first Homecoming dance. He knows better than to ruin this for me.

Zach: I hope I don’t ruin it for you either.

Shar: Zach I know it’s been rough with your memory and father gone, but I want you to know I am here for you and I want you to enjoy this too. This is our night.

Zach: Sorry Shar, I guess I am still nervous around you.

Shar: Zach I know I am difficult at times.

Zach raised an eyebrow at her.

Zach: Sometimes?

Shar: Don’t push it Zach. (evil glare)

Zach: Sorry.

Shar: Anyway you need to remember I’m a girl and we all have emotional baggage. As a guy you need to look past that stuff and accept me for better and for worse. And if that is too hard you can ogle over me instead. I need you to mention I look pretty too.

Zach: So if I complement you, I won’t get attacked?

Shar: Well keep it clean, but a girl needs to know her man is attracted to her. I will get upset if you only stare at my cleavage and not my eyes though.

Zach: Oh I see. So it’s ok for me to look then.

Shar: Sheesh Zach yes admire me. Just don’t be creepy about it okay. I still have my pride.

Zach looked at her and took it all in before looking back up at her blushed face. He seemed nervous as he made eye contact with her.

Zach: Shar you really are pretty. Of course I still don’t understand why you want to be with me.

Shar: Listen Zach most guys go after attractive females, but when it comes to females we don’t just fixate on looks. Some girls like smart guys, some like hunks, some like athletes, some like weak guys and some just want a rich guy. And there are some girls who get attached to their childhood friend who despite being abused alot, never left her side.

Zach: I feel bad when I think about how much you know about me yet you are a complete mystery to me.

Shar: I know, but I am not going to give up on you so if you cheat on me I will find you and hurt you.

Zach: Wow I almost peed my pants when you just said that.

Shar: Tis not wise to toy with a maiden’s heart Zach.

Zach: I get it just don’t rush me okay. This is still all new to me.

Shar: It’s okay we can take it slow for now.

Zach and Shar danced for several songs before they got thirsty and made their way to get some juice.


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