Homecoming II

Atshi sat on the rooftop, scouting out the students below. All the teachers were here, so this was an easy target. But she knew that an easy target meant tight security. She peered once more down into the gymnasium. She recognized a few of the students, but not all of them.
Making sure that her plan would work, she slowly shocked around the school, making sure that all the devices were planted. The detonator was cold steel in her hands. She wouldn't need it of course, as she had just found out about a magnificent device called a timer. Why hadn't she thought of this before?!
She tucked the detonator back into her coat, and zipped the pocket closed. Hopefully she hadn't been seen yet. She didn't think so, as the alarms are still silent. She flew off the roof, walking into the main hallway. The placed the locks on the door, then the next, and then the last one. She pressed the button on the final one. The doors all jammed locked.

"It begins."

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