Dance, no.

Alex sat frowning in the corner of the dance, knowing that she aught to be doing something else. But the general pressure of the student body had made her consider it, something she regretted. In her hands she fiddled with the small new addition to her collection, a coin that had been owned by a famous demonologist. The thing was said to be the work of the devil, but since it was made of cheap tin and had only been made about a year before the demonologist got it, it was doubtful it was actually a relic of the prince of flies.

However, the connection with the demonologist certsinly seemed to have given it some power, as people who followed it imbued it with what abilities the man had said it had. Her father refused to let her learn what it was supposed to do, he was again testing her powers to see if it was based on her own beliefs or on those of the others. Previously he'd done it once, saying that a small wooden trinket he bought at a random shop was supposed to make the user stronger, and testing if she gained strength.

That particular experiment had failed, and she thought it was proven that it wasn't her belief in it that gave it power. Now he wasn't telling her to see if she'd imbue it with the power the acolytes thought it had, or if she it held something else. This was my she was simply fiddling with the thing in that dark corner of the gym.

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