Shar: Listen Zach most guys go after attractive females, but when it comes to females we don’t just fixate on looks. Some girls like smart guys, some like hunks, some like athletes, some like weak guys and some just want a rich guy. And there are some girls who get attached to their childhood friend who despite being abused alot, never left her side.

Zach: I feel bad when I think about how much you know about me yet you are a complete mystery to me.

Shar: I know, but I am not going to give up on you so if you cheat on me I will find you and hurt you.

Zach: Wow I almost peed my pants when you just said that.

Shar: Tis not wise to toy with a maiden’s heart Zach.

Zach: I get it just don’t rush me okay. This is still all new to me.

Shar: It’s okay we can take it slow for now.

Zach and Shar danced for several songs before they got thirsty and made their way to get some juice.

After cooling down a bit Zach looked at Sharona and silently pointed at the dance floor again hoping to get on her good side. Of course being a female she gave him a look that the gesture was not clear.

Shar: Yes Zach that is the dance floor. What about it?

Zach: Your really gonna make me say it huh?

Shar: Zach you have a lot to learn about woman. If you are gonna court me then do it right. Use your charm and mostly use your words. I am not some pet you can oder around with a mere gesture. Now try it again.

Zach looked a bit shocked by Sharona's comment.

Zach: Umm Shar would you like to dance some more?

Shar: Oh what a lovely idea Zach. Thank you for asking so nicely.

Zach was once again manipulated by Sharona to do what she wanted since he was not too keen on pissing her off. The two headed to the dance floor as he put his right hand in his pocket to avoid touching her and canceling her powers. Sharona then wrapped her arms around his neck to keep him close to her for the slow song.


She smirked as she heard the song playing on the speakers. Zach put one hand around Sharona's lower back since the other was in his pocket. It made dancing a bit intimate but Sharona seemed to like it that way. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the menacing look her father, Dr. Orpheus was giving poor Zach. Unfortunately Zach was completely oblivious to it since his focus was on Sharona for the moment. Ironically none of the students were dancing near Dr. O since he was looking like Dracula on a bad day on the other side of the gym. Some of the other staff members made snide comments about Dr. O being to over protective with his daughter even though he practically raised Zach at his house.

Zach: So Shar….ummm….

Shar: Spit it out Zach.

Zach: Well to my understanding we are in our second year now and we have two more years after this one.

Shar: And??

Zach: Well what’s gonna happen to us then?

Shar: Oh you are worried about the future when you can’t even remember the past.

Zach: Well yeah. I mean I am worried since I prolly can’t finish high school much less go to college with my memory loss, but you on the other hand are beyond me in so many ways. I’m just a burden now.

Sharona straightened Zach’s head to face he eyes properly as she gave him a stern look.

Shar: Zachary Bell you listen to me and you listen well. You are not a burden or a failure. If you think for one second I am going to let you fail because you now have a handicap you are sadly mistaken. You may not know this but you have been then more stuff by the age of 16 than most of these students or staff here. For crying out loud you have been to half of the 72 levels of hell and lived to tell about it. You made a lot of friends including me who has been your best friend since age five. We have traveled all over the world a few times. You somehow managed to take out the command ship of the Shy’N which somehow cost you your memories. And to top it off you are the only guy who has dated me and lived to brag about it. Right now daddy is chomping at the bit that you are holding me but is afraid to make me hate him.

Zach looked to see Dr. O was glaring daggers at him. Apparently it didn’t seem to faze Zach anymore since he was somehow used to it. Then he looked back at Sharona with a smirk.

Zach: He really is mad huh?

Shar: Oh you finally noticed huh? Look I know we have had our ups and downs but we have history together and counts for a lot. You may have forgot your time with me, but I know everything about you.

Zach: Like what?

Shar: Well I know you wet the bed till you were ten. You have a fear of demons coming out of the toilet. You like sweets except for strawberries. You don’t like Brussel sprouts or asparagus or broccoli or liquorish. You sleep on the left side of the bed. You usually forget a towel when you are in the shower and have to drip on the floor. You have a lot of talent in cooking and cleaning. You avert your eyes when you are nervous and you stutter when you lie. You love your red coat even though you don’t remember me buying it for you. You pretend things are fine when you are in over your head and you don’t like to ask for help. You are a nice guy and not good with talking to girls unless it involves school, work or games. And you are completely helpless before me when I wear my naughty maid costume and cosplay with you.

Zach was a bit shocked by the last comment as his jaw dropped. Sharona smirked as she knew she had his attention now.

Zach: Of all the memories I had to loose why did it have to be that one too?

Shar: I bet you really want that memory back most of all huh?

Zach: Are you mad?

Shar: Why would I be upset when you want to remember me when I am looking my best. However if you play your cards right I might be willing to let you experience that moment again.

Zach: You’re teasing me right?

Shar: Only one way for you to find out.

Zach: What do I have to do?

Shar: Simple be mine and don’t cheat on me and I will cosplay till your hearts content.

Zach: You make it sound so simple. How can I even provide for you?

Shar: Oh Zach it won’t be easy at all. As you know I am a lot to handle and that is on a good day. As for your role I am fine with you being my sidekick and houseman. Since you are good at homemaking skills you should not have a problem. As for money I am not too worried since I can work for daddy making potions. Apparently potion making is in high demand and brings in a lot of money and if you are interested in it I’m sure with your cooking skills you could help out as well.

Zach: Wow you seem to have it all figured out already huh?

Shar: Silly Zach it’s been our plan to do this for the last five years. You just forgot that all. So don’t stress out about that now. Just focus on getting through high school with me for now.

Zach: Okay Shar. Thanks for putting up with me.

Shar: No problem Zach. Just remember I am the center of your world and things will work out.

Zach: Wow you got the whole intimidation thing down to a science huh? It’s a good thing I am not popular with girls.

Shar: Yes I do and unfortunately you are popular despite being a sidekick. However I made sure everyone knows we are a couple so they gave up quickly before having to fight me.

Zach: Were you this scary before I lost my memory?

Shar: Yes but I am sure you liked that part of me cause you came up with creative ways to get my attention when we were alone. Not to mention the number of time you accidently walked in on me changing or showering.

Zach: I’m sorry Shar.

Shar: Sorry for being a perv or sorry you lost those memories?

Zach: Both I guess.

Shar: Then I forgive you. I can tolerate your naughty nature as long as I am the only one you are targeting.

Zach: So then I can peek?

Shar: I won’t stop you, but I will punish you.

Zach: So I can’t then?

Shar: You can peek till your heart’s desire as long as you are willing to pay the price.

Zach: Will I still get punished if I marry you?

Shar: There is only one way to find out.

Zach: I get the feeling you are way more dangerous than your dad.

Shar: See you are a quick learner.

Zach and Sharona danced for a few more songs.


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