Still Dancing

Zach: I get the feeling you are way more dangerous than your dad.

Shar: See you are a quick learner.

Zach and Sharona danced for a few more songs.

While Zach and Sharona were dancing, Prof. Campo aka Professor Magnanimous floated to Dr. Orpheus. Since he had a large head and a small body he used a robotic suit to get around. As a super genius he made a great reputation for himself in the science field.

Prof. Campo: Looks like you might need to take your blood pressure meds Dr. O.

Dr. O: Be gone you metal monstrosity. Can't you see I am in dire straits?

Prof. Campo: Meh. I think you are doting to much. Your kid is not only brilliant but creepy and scary like you.

Dr. O: I know so why isn't the boy fearing me?

Prof. Campo: Well I see a lot in class and the halls and I honestly believe this is all her doing. Since little Zach lost his memories she has been leading him around by the short hairs. If anything she is the aggressor right now.

Dr. O: What might thy be referring to?

Prof. Campo: Well you see doc, after that incident with the Shy'N he somehow destroyed the mothership at the cost of his memory. Since then he got popular real quick. The bullies left him alone, the girls wanted to date him and he gained a lot of friends real quick. He is no longer the glow stick kid. Now he can cancel out any power with his right arm which make him dangerous to many so its best to be on his good side. Luckily your kid is rather possessive and not willing to give him up so she has been telling everyone Zach is hers.

Dr. O: She did what?

Prof. Campo: Yeah well for better or worse I can't see her backing off anytime soon. She is too much like her father.

Dr. O: That does concern me greatly.

Prof. Campo: Well then now you know the more you fight it the worse it will get.

Dr. O: Egads this is bad for my indigestion.

Prof. Campo: Yeah well it is what it is. Anyhow what do you think of the freshmen?

Dr. O: They are a waste of my time, but some of them do have a smidgen of talent.

Prof. Campo: Yeah I thought so to, but only time will tell. Anyhow I just wanted to mention we will be needing to beef up security again since a lot of villains have been trying to attack the school lately. So stay on your toes since we may need your dark arts.

Dr. O: It is but a minor task to the likes of me.

Prof. Campo: Well then I'll leave you to your stalking duties.

Dr. O: Why him off all people?

Prof. Campo floated away towards Principle Carson who with her close friend Major Glory.

Prof Campo: Well Dr. O seems to be in bitter spirits.

Principle Carson: Well hopefully he will behave for the sake of the school.

Maj. Victory: That dude is a total trip. Good thing he is on our-side.

Principle Carson: Indeed. Well then stay alert people we still have to get through tonight without an incident.

The staff continued to make their rounds as they looked for any suspicious activity while unaware that Atarishiana was up to no good on the rooftop.


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