The busy punch bowl

Cole sighs in both boredom and a little frustration. He didn't mind the music, but he was bored out of his mind. All the attractive, cool kids were dancing and there with dates, and here he was alone. At least no one was staring for once.

As the young teen turns to get a drink, he notices Dalton also waiting by the side. He seemed to be nervously waiting for a date who might never come, but Cole figured, "hey, that the heck."

"Hey," he said to the other lonely student. "I'm Cole. You flying solo tonight too?" Cole didn't extend his hand to shake, though he might follow Dalton's lead if he did. Small talk was all Cole could think of to keep him from storming out of the dance in protest. Best case, he'd actually make a friend here. Worst case, he was probably heading home.

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