(The long awaited) Homecoming III

Atshi hurried back to her computer. She had gotten better at hacking and the like over the past year, so she plopped down in front of the monitor, turned her webcam on, then started the broadcast.

Immediately the music stopped. Instead, her voice and face were being projected into the gym.

"Hello my friends. Nice night, I hope you've all Benin enjoying yourselves so far.But it's time to play the game with me once again. If you're new here, I am Atarishianan Roselia Yua Flinton, and tonight, I am going to try to kill you all. But if you manage to win my little game, I will in turn submit myself to the authorities. So let's begin, shall we? Your first step is getting out of the gym. I will tell you more once you do so. Good luck! "

She laughed maniacally then cut the feed. The doors were barred, so they were going nowhere, and the vents started to release mustard gas into the gym.

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