Panic- Starlit Havoc

Andre's mouth was agape as he stared at the girl on the screen.

Oh no! This is terrible!

The undercover villain thought this not because he feared for his life, but because he and Michael had planned to take over this school for years, then some random girl comes and decides to kill everyone.

"Come in, Blur to Tripwire, Come in, something is very wrong."



"I KNOW ANDRE, I-I know..."

As the other students were in shock, a purple sphere appeared out of nowhere, engulfing Andre and leaving nothing behind.


Meanwhile, Queen examined the room through her shades. The room was slowly filling with some sort of gas, and she could bet it wasn't good. Her first instinct is to break through the doors. She punches with all of her force, but isn't even awarded a budge. The lockdown must have triggered the lock on the doors, and the building, being a super hero school, was built to defend against and withstand super force.

She needed another exit, and quick, the gas wasn't moving any slower. Her final decision was to cover her face, stay close to the exits, be ready to punch something, and let the adults handle it. Hopefully they had it under control.


At the Base, aka Andre's Apartment

Michael nervously paced back and forth, occasionally glancing at his partner, while the speedster, Andre, leaned against a wall, eating an apple he found from Lord knows where.

Michael finally stoped pacing, and just as he did so, a holographic interface appeared before him. He frantically searched through the databases in front of him, attempting to cross reference the picture he captured from the camera installed in Andre's eyes.

"Wait, I have a what in my where?"

"That's irrelevant Andre. I can't find anything on this girl. She hacked into the schools systems, so she's probably experienced in this sort of thing."

Andre stopped munching on his apple and took a step toward the still preoccupied Micheal.

"So, what? She's just gonna murder the whole school, and we can't do a thing about it?"

Michael closed the interface, effectively returning to reality.

"Hmmm, not necessarily. She wants to kill everyone in the school, and since everyone in the school has at least some sort of supernatural abilities, it's safe to assume that, if she actually believes she can pull off such a thing, she has some abilities of her own."

Andre snapped, suddenly realizing Michael's point.

"So she's a super villain!"

"And so are we, which means one could argue that we're technically 'on the same team'. Of course, it's not so simple in real life, but there's likely no one in a ten mile radius who has a better chance of reasoning with that girl than us."

"Ah! So we find her, talk to her, and basically, ask her to give us a piece of the pie? And, preferably, leave something and someone significant standing. I want slaves, goddammit!"

Michael took a few steps back, before plopping down in his conveniently placed office chair.

" So then, that raises the question. Where is she?"

The thought made Andre bite into his apple again, as movement of some kind helped him think. Then, his eyes lit up as an idea crossed his mind.

"Wait...when I did reconnaissance to see how in-depth the schools security was, I remember that there were no alarms...on the roof."

Michael, stood, a smile growing onto his face.

"You might be onto something, buddy..."

"The alarm only triggers when you open the door on the roof, but there aren't any motion sensors up there. So she could have a laptop or something, and just hack from the roof!"

Michael clapped, before marching over to the door.

"Well, it's our only lead, so let's get to it, shall we?!"

Andre shrugged, surprised that he, who was basically the 'muscle' of their duo, had managed to potentially figure out the girl's location. The two stepped into the hall outside of their apartment, and the same purple orb that transported Andre earlier, reappeared, taking both of them this time. Once again, there wasn't a trace of them left behind, as they went off through the spacetime continuum to confront who they hoped could possibly be their future associate.

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