The Game

Atshi ducked as a demon flew right above her hiding spot. She was tucked in next to the AC unit, so she was only wisibke from a certain angle. Almost immediately after she saw the gas being vented out of the gym. She turned her webcam back on.

"Congrats, but that was only the first part of my game. You will be put through trials like none have seen before. Okay, that's probably a hyperbole but yeah it's going to be hard on you all. The next step is to escape, but how easy is that without power, and while being hunted in the dark?"

She hit the enter key, activating the four mechanical beasts in the halls. The doors unlocked. Almost just a sudden, the power from both the main and backup generator cut.

She broadcasted one more thing.

"Oh yeah, and don't get caught. Or you'll face the wrath of Clostridium botulinum, and they are nasty little buggers."

The screams were blended with the sounds of metal slowly scraping the floors, and a red set of eyes from each beast.

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