Victims? Aren't We All??

As most of the staff was trying to get the students to the flying buses so they could escape, Dr. Orpheus, Al Chemist and Jefferson Starlight were engaging the deadly robotic mechs sent by Atshi. Unfortunately there were more of them than they guessed as one went after the stduents. Dante William Burgess had the power of Shadow manipulation and can make "shadow daggers", whips, and even can transform him into a "dark angel". However his powers were not strong enough to save him as he was swiped by one of the mechs sharp claws. Before poor Dante could prepare for his next attack the bacteria from his wound began festering very quickly and he looked in horror at the mech as he was paralyzed and fell backwards to the gym floor. He looked in horror as his body failed him and the mech slowly approached him like a predator. One student hit it with an ice blast which distracted it from Dante. However it was to little to late as he knew his body was slowing down and his heart stopped beating as it tightened from being paralyzed. His last moments included not apologizing to his family for being a selfish jerk and telling them how important they were to him. He also regretted not telling Jenny Fray he had a massive crush on her. Tears managed to escape his eyes despite his body being paralyzed. He was going to die screaming in silence and all alone. As his vision blurred he cried on the inside wishing he could live, but it was to late. In his last moments Jenny Fray was escaping one of the mechs and lept over Dante's face to accidentally reveal her red lacy undies for but a moment. Of course that glimpse was the last thing etched into his mind before he died.

Viktor Malkav came to try to make peace with Sky as he had troubled him in the past. After entering the school he was attacked by a rather nasty mech and despite his ability to command a powerful and soothing voice it was not enough to counter the slight cut on his leg by the bacteria infected claw. In an instant Victor's evil persona came out as he tried to protect himself only it was to late. The fast acting bacteria swarmed his body like a poison and began paralyzing his body parts. While trying to escape the mech he fell over the rail of the second floor and landed hard onto the first floor. He knew he broke some bones and would be in trouble if th mech followed him, but Dr.O and his Triad attacked the mech and it ran off. As poor Victor struggled to move his broken body he refused to admit defeat, but it was futile as he felt his body shutting down part by part. As he was paralyzed he his mind filled with all the horrible things he did in the past. He was indeed a terrible man in the past and truly got what he deserved as his last moments were passing by. As he was loosing his vision he remembered a song out of the blue and sang it in his head.

Last Song

As the song ended he saw a bright light followed by a claw reaching for him and pulled him down while laughing.

Meanwhile Kyle Lattimore was running from a mech while holding his date's hand. Kyle had the ability to contort others' bodies like a ventriloquist. He also has an extremely high pain tolerance after having been tortured for years so he had always been able to hold his own in a fight. However he had never fought a mech with bacteria laced claws before either. Since he lacked a certain moral fiber, Kyle used his power to control his poor date and use her as bait so he could escape to the flying buses. While under his control his date approached the mech with wide arms and tears in her eyes while having a blank expression. She truly thought she was going to die while her good for nothing date escape. She wanted to scream but found herself unable to resist his powers. However she tripped and fell to the ground after walking over Dante's body. She lay paralyzed on his dead body as she looked at the ground waiting to die. Ironically the mech confused this with moment as she could not move and assumed she was already infected with its paralytic bacteria so it bypassed her and attacked Kyle who could not dodge in time. A small scratch to his ankle tripped him up and sent bacteria into his blood stream which started paralyzing him. Kyle scrambled to get away but as he crawled away his body began to shut down and eventually he was paralyzed till the mech ate his head. This of course caused Kyle to release his powers over his date and allowed her to escape to the buses.

Simon Dinlay Power was a criminal who snuck into the school hoping cause some chaos since he hated the school. Little did he know he was not the only one planning to cause chaos today. Simon had the power to induce insanity, night vision, remembers everything. However his power was useless against a mech with advanced senses so he was quite surprised when the mech bit off his hand and infected him with paralyzing bacteria. In an attempt to escape he lept out a window while being followed by the mech. Due to his prior training he managed to get to the edge of the school grounds as the mech followed him. Then as he turned to see if he escaped the mech tackled him and since the power was off the barrier they both fell off the edge and slowly sank to the earth. Simon tried everything he could to survive and made a shadow umbrella only to find he didn't help as his body seized up and his vision faded as the ground got closer. Simon saw the mech struggle to climb the air only to fail as they grew closer to the ground. Then for some reason Simon asked himself if he forgot to turn off the oven this morning. His last regret was not being able to erase the adult content on his computer before he died. As he pondered how others would judge him his vision went black before he and the mech exploded when they hit the ground at terminal velocity. No one will ever know if he died before or during his impact to the ground. Ironically his death was not in vain as he landed on a car containing a very mean and nasty loan shark. The impact of Simon and the mech also took out the loan shark and his bodyguard resulting in three deaths.

During all this Sharona's ghosts managed to find Atshi on the roof by some other villains. So in retaliation she sent a small army of Nega-Ghosts (causes deep depression when touched) and Boom Ghosts (explode when touched) after her and the other villains. Due to the strain of sending over a hundred ghosts her nose began to bleed. Zach was worried about her but was to weak to stop her.


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