Distracted Makes an entrance.


"That was fun." Deckard said to Lena. "Really should get back to the dance though." he added buttoning his shirt. he heard the screams and the lights go out. "What the..." he fumbled for his phone to get a flash light. "We need to move someone may be hurt." Deckard told her grabbing her hand and running for the gym.

Once there he saw the chaos. "Look I am not bossing you around but look at the kids they need your help. Looks like that...girl.. wait boy... is helping them out the best he can but plants are not going to be enough." he told her.

Deckard heard fighting in the halls and found the Triad fighting metal beasts that looks like if a platypus was made from predictors and made by a Transformer. "Oi, Hold on to something guys." he shouted. Snapping his fingers the robot began to crumble in on itself like an aluminum can. Just as the black hole started to be viable the gravity in the room shifted a bit lifting and sucking towards the black hole. Deckard closed it safely the moment the beast was gone.

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