Panic- Ghosts and Ghouls

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Michael froze as the girl's hand touched his face. He swore he could almost sense immense power, but the way she spoke, the way she carried herself, this girl was no amateur, she meant businesses.

Michael, finally able to move his own limbs again, floated backwards until he stood next to Andre.

"What happened, Trip?"

Michael turned, staring at him as if he hadn't even known his partner was there.

"Andre...this girl is out of our league. Maybe we should find another school."

Andre stared back at Michael. Of all people, if Michael Steel was giving up, then this endeavor was truly hopeless.

"Well then...I guess..."

Andre couldn't finish his sentence, as he turned his head at a breakneck speed (something he was easily capable of), upon hearing the sound of something sinister. He then saw ghastly looking things making their way toward him.

"Uh oh,"

Andre inhaled deeply, and suddenly everything felt calmer. Michael was turning his head comically slow towards danger, the girl typed on her computer, her fingers looking as if they weighed hundreds of pounds, because they moved so slowly, and the ghosts hovered in their positions making almost no progress forward. Andre took a step back to examine the situation, he moved with perfectly normal speed while everything else crawled by at a snails pace.

So...what are these ghost things? No visible weapons, and these things are built to move forward and rockets...

Andre stepped toward the thing, standing in front of it and observing it as it flew along. He could see the way it began to swerve in the air, attempting to hit Andre.

Sooo, no touch?

Andre then noticed a large amount of ghosts behind the one he was observing.

No way we can handle that many. We'll get swarmed.

After a bit of thinking, Andre came to a conclusion. Remembering the fact that the girl's killing everyone was the whole reason they were here, Andre dashed down to where the homecoming dance was, and passed by a few people getting mauled by robotic monsters. Luckily, the speedster didn't have to worry about that.

Andre picked up the bodies of people who had fallen from the attack, before rushing back up to the roof, making a pile of dead teenagers. Once he was sure he had enough, he closed the door and leaned the bodies onto it. He stepped back, admiring his handiwork.

Finally, Andre exhaled, and the entire world returned to it's normal speed. He punched Michael, who was still dazed from his conversation with the girl.

"A bunch of ghosts may or may not burst through that door, be prepared."

He then dashed over to the girls hiding spot, using his super speed to avoid wasting time.

"There's uh...creepy ghost things up here, just a heads-up."


Queen adjusted her sunglasses, glade that them, coupled with the darkness, kept her from seeing some of her friend get mauled by these robot beasts. As the sounds grew, so did her anger. She was usually a neutral person, but now, she was pissed.

I don't care who this b*tch is, she's going to pay for this!

A pair of red eyes charged toward her, before leaping in an attempt to pounce. Queen side stepped it, snatching its metal arm out of the air. Using the moment of the jumping beast, she swung it, before slamming it down into the ground. A pice of metal bounced off of her shades, as the robot shattered like glass.

"You don't scare me,
you just make me angry, "
She said through gritted teeth, before cracking her knuckles. She wouldn't let any more of her friends, or potential friends fall to this maniac.

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