Panic- Demons and Revenge

Michael, reluctantly floated over near Atarishiana, staring down from the school as the students rushed to the buses.

"Well, we got them to run..."

Andre dashed to his partner's side.

"Remeber the plan?"

"When the time is right. For now, let's let Atarishiana have her fun."

"Oh...wait, Arishi...who?"

Michael pointed at the girl as she summoned some demonic entity out of an achient looking book.


Andre looked up, the clouds started to block out the sun, and maybe it was a coincidence, but it sure fit the situation.

Then he looked back down into the mass of running students, before noticing something strange. A simple guard girl wearing dark clothing and shades stood as the students ran past her, staring up directly at the trio, and she sure didn't seem happy.

"Who's that?"

Michael looked down at her, fixing his hat as he did so.


Queen looked up at the three, fists clenched. They were the ones responsible for this chaos. Flushing the students out like lowly ants. This was where she drew the line. She'd give those three a piece of her mind, and no one was going to stop her.

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