Standing Up

Atshi saw through the security cameras that the students were getting into the buses. Perfect.

"Right where I want ya" she mumbled, before continuing to closing her laptop. She stood up, walked past the boys, and stood on the edge of the roof.

Holding her phone, she took a selfie, smiling as the buses were behind her. She put her filter on then boom! She was gorgeous. She sent it to her old ally Sani, with the caption Wish you were here! :). She smiled before reaching into her backpack and pulling out her spell book, reading a demon summon spell that was book marked.

She looked down apon the students.

"Your turn."

Of course as Atshi took her selfie her thoughts were loud and clear for the few espers and telepaths heading for the bus. After a mass communication of panic the school speeders took action as Zalman order them to bring everyone to him. Zal opened a portal to a safe location in the city which ironically was at a family water park and above a kiddie pool. Leon Shortridge, Skit Jox and Sonic used their super speed to rescue the students on or by the buses as the bombs had begun to explode.

Then they proceeded to rescue the remaining students and toss them through Zal's portal. While on the other side of the portal the maintenance people were freaking out as many teenagers were popping out of the sky and landing in the kiddie pool wearing prom dresses and suits. there was a lot of panic at this point as they scrambled to rescue the teens from being crushed by more falling students.

Michael, reluctantly floated over near Atarishiana, staring down from the school as the students rushed to the buses.

"Well, we got them to run..."

Andre dashed to his partner's side.

"Remeber the plan?"

"When the time is right. For now, let's let Atarishiana have her fun."

"Oh...wait, Arishi...who?"

Michael pointed at the girl as she summoned some demonic entity out of an achient looking book.


Andre looked up, the clouds started to block out the sun, and maybe it was a coincidence, but it sure fit the situation.

Then he looked back down into the mass of running students, before noticing something strange. A simple guard girl wearing dark clothing and shades stood as the students ran past her, staring up directly at the trio, and she sure didn't seem happy.

"Who's that?"

Michael looked down at her, fixing his hat as he did so.


Queen looked up at the three, fists clenched. They were the ones responsible for this chaos. Flushing the students out like lowly ants. This was where she drew the line. She'd give those three a piece of her mind, and no one was going to stop her.

After an esper pointed out that there was someone on the roof that was a threat they told Professor Camp and Coach Canton who decided to take counter measures. Coach Canton aka Rubber Maid wrapped her arm around a a light pole and held onto another one to turn her arm into a slingshot as Professor Campo pulled a disc from his back, activated it and put in into her arm to stretch and fire at the roof. After he fired it like a slingshot he and Coach watched as it flew true slightly over the roof as it slammed into the A/C Unit and stuck like a Chinese star. Then it it glowed and exploded as glowing ball bearings fired from it in all directions. Each ball bearing glowed blue as they melted and began taking the shape of little blobs as they seemed to be scanning the area. These are nanite robots that lock on their target and eat their target(s) which happens to Atshi, and will not stop till they eat her. So hundreds of these blobs are attacking her now. If anyone attacks them then they will attack them as well.

Meanwhile While Sharona was helping Zach to Sky to get treatment she used her bomb ghosts to destroy a mech who came after them. As Sky was helping Zach, Shar found where Atshi was she posed for her selfie and converged her Nega Ghosts and Boom Ghosts on her to attack all at once.

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