A Close Call?

After Sky managed to treat Zach for his Mustard gas exposure he was feeling a bit better even though he looked worn out.

Zach: Thanks Sky. You are a life saver.

Shar: Yeah good thing you are here.

Zach: Hey Shar where is your dad?

Shar: Fighting those mechs running around the school.

Zach: Where did everyone go? I thought we had more people here?

Shar: They ran for the buses, but someone blew them up. I bet its that b!tch Atshi again.

Zach: Who?

Shar: I forgot you don't remember her much. She is a demon girl who likes to kill.

Zach: That can't be good.

Shar: No kidding Sherlock.

Zach: No I was referring to that.

Zach pointed at the demon entering the gym and looking around. Sharona and Sky were not to happy seeing the large scary demon as it noticed them. After a nasty and slobbery grin it charged them with reckless abandonment. Shar quickly launched thirty boon ghost to attack it but the explosions didn't seem to do much damage as the hulking demon like ape howled as it continued its charge at them. Shar then used nega ghosts on the demon which slowed it down a bit but not before it tried to claw them. Out of instinct Zach punched it's gut with his right arm which caused it to glow before it disappeared. Zach's right arm negated the spell that was holding the demon in this realm and it was simply banished back to the demon realm. Zach and Shar were shocked by that as they looked at each other and instinctively kissed very passionately before they broke it off for air. After that Shar used her ghosts to scout the area to see where the dangers were and help out the few students trying to escape by directing them to Zal who had a portal open for them to escape through.

The Staff members were now also aideing the students escape and taking on the


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