Panic- Fire Exit

Michael had enough. Atarishiana was, for a lack of better words, getting her @ss handed to her, and Michael felt if she had some trick up her sleeve, she would have sprung it by now, and Michael would know, he was the Master of Tricks, Traps, and Illusions after all.

As four-eyes landed his blow, Michael floated over to the battle, snapping as a ring of fire trapped them all in one space. He then floated about eight feet into the air, before summoning a ball of purple energy. He needed something to occupy the heroes, this had all gone to hell and they needed to get out of here, asap. So, with that in mind, Michael spread his arms apart, causing the ball to do the same, and our of it's core fell a tall figure. It landed hard, cracking the ground slightly with its weight.

"You heroes seem to just love smashing things, so try this on for size! Meet my estatic friend, Electroar!"

The beast smashed it's fists together, causing a spark, and the motors flared. Electricity was being pumped through the things body, and the open circuits that were it's fists filled the air with a sinister crackle.

Partially out of mercy, and partially because she had no choice, Queen turned her attention to this monstrous being.

"I'm not afraid of a little spark plug!"

Queen charged forward, leaping into the air with the intent to down this thing with a single, solid punch. Electroar watched her as she flew, before suddenly plucking her body out of the air. It slammed her into the pavement with thundering force, and held her there, pinned and helpless. A loud whirring sound started, and suddenly, lord knows how many volts were channeled into Queen's body. She shrieked in agony as the thing attempted to fry her like an egg.

Michael hoped that the summon would be enough to get the young heroes' attention. That little stunt he pulled had just about drained him. He motioned for the new guy to get Atarishiana out before teleporting out of the ring of fire himself.

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