Zach and Shar watched as Gray and McQueen were fighting Atshi in a serious battle. They swapped several blows which looked good for the Gray and McQueen till someone came to her aid. Out of instinct Zach found himself racing towards her with a hate fill fury. Though he barely knew of Atshi his body despised her enough to move on its own. Then while she was distracted he hit her with his right arm from the side. Do keep in mind his right arm negates all powers upon contact for several minutes. Even the mighty Moleculo avoids his touch since it is dangerous to him. As Zach hit Atshi in the side of the head he found himself tripping and falling onto the ground as he rolled passed her.

Atshi fell down as she was punched by the boy. She no longer felt the power of immortality. Her pain increased tenfold. She screamed in pain, to the point of sounding like a banshee. Her broken shin had come loose, the tendons and ligaments tearing. It had gotten caught on an instruison in the floor. It tore out of her leg, a bloody mess. With all her remaining strength, she stood up, grabbed her bloody shin, and swung at the boy who caused her this pain.

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