Holding On??

Atshi grunted as her face was pushed into the ground. She laughed.
"Kill me! Just do it! You killing me will make you just as bad as I am! What a hero you'll be, killing a girl!"
She tried to get out of his arm bar, but she dislocated her shoulder in the process. She screamed again. Not having immortality on her side made this harder than it should be.

She was flailing, low on energy. She tried to get up on her knees but her leg bent, ripping the flesh. She wailed in pain. So this is what it feels like. she smiled. It's kind of hot... she smiled again. Her eyes were filled with pure insanity. She used her other hand to grip on her neck, and she tried to break it.

She failed.

She had no strength left to fight. It seemed certain she was going to go to prison.

Zach held onto Atshi tightly as she taunted him. However the sick smile on her face made him wary of killing her. Of course he held onto her even after she popped her arm out of socket.

Zach: You seemed to be under the impression I see you as a little girl. News flash b!tch! I don't even see you as human. To me your a monster and an evil one at that. No one would hate me if I did kill you. So sleep it off till the League comes for you.

Zach put some stress on her neck till she started blacking out.

Zach: I got her! So keep her friends off me!


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