Panic- The End is Nigh

Michael watched as the heroes continued to attack Atarishiana, even with the shades girl being electrocuted by a 7 foot tall monster. He had to remind himself who were the villains here, that was just a despicable, even to him.

At this point, the magician didn't know what to think. He was having trouble even standing at this point, everything had collapsed. Andre was revealed as a villain, Atarishiana was literally being torn apart, and Michael's capture seemed imminent now.

But then, the magician had a thought. Perhaps that was a good thing. Good enough, anyway. He took a step forward, decidimg to do something about Atarishiana's situation, even if it wouldn't change the outcome.

With one last look of determination, Michael looked at his creation and pointed toward Sharona and Zach.

"Electroar! DESTROY."

Michael then fell to the ground, as if simply shouted those words had drained the last of his power.

The robotic figure snapped it's neck in the direction of its new target. It saw a wall of ghastly figures protecting it, and was luckily smart enough to not go rushing in anyway. It tossed Queen to the side, and stood up. The circle in it's chest glowed an even brighter white than before. It's energy core double as a laser cannon, not unlike a certain iron Avenger.

It was about to fire, but Michael spoke again.

"No! The other one..."

The monster froze for a second, before charging the laser even more. The white turned into a blood red, and it's motors and engines seemed to be on overdrive. Bolts and screws flew of of the beast as it charged the laser, which at this point seemed to be too powerful even for it. Once it was at its peak, it ceased movement completely.

"," Micheal mumbled, suddenly looking exhausted, like on-the-verge-of-blacking-out exhausted. As he uttered his his last command, Electroar obeyed. It fired a powerful looking red laser, so powerful in fact, that the force literally ripped the torso of the robot from it's legs, and sent it flying. The legs, no longer connected to a body, simply collapsed. And now there was a big red laser headed right towards Zach, Sharon and, and Atshi. Michael cursed himself, remembering Atarishiana was in the crossfire.

(Do remember that Andre is currently blacked out below the school, since he fell. I had a feeling Atshi would get captured, so might as well have Andre and Michael get dragged along with her. Though their crimes aren't quite as heinous as Atshi's.)

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