The Calvary??

The monster froze for a second, before charging the laser even more. The white turned into a blood red, and it's motors and engines seemed to be on overdrive. Bolts and screws flew of of the beast as it charged the laser, which at this point seemed to be too powerful even for it. Once it was at its peak, it ceased movement completely.

"," Micheal mumbled, suddenly looking exhausted, like on-the-verge-of-blacking-out exhausted. As he uttered his his last command, Electroar obeyed. It fired a powerful looking red laser, so powerful in fact, that the force literally ripped the torso of the robot from it's legs, and sent it flying. The legs, no longer connected to a body, simply collapsed. And now there was a big red laser headed right towards Zach, Sharon and, and Atshi. Michael cursed himself, remembering Atarishiana was in the crossfire.

Zach gritted his teeth as the giant mech blasted a huge beam at them before self destructing. In that split second Zach switched places with Shar as she poured several nega ghost into Atshi to make her super depressed to keep her in place. Then Zach punched the mega beam with all his might. The area was covered in a blinding light which blinded many people who dared to look at it. In the end the beam was negated and Zach was still standing as his tux was all but destroyed leaving Zach in his lucky magic boxers (A gift from Sharona long ago). After he moved he was exhausted and fell backwards and landed on Atshi's legs as he stared at the sky. His right arm was still touching her leg as he was worn out in his boxers. Sharona was amazed by how Zach stopped that blast and a bit embarrassed he wore the special boxers she gave him. She wanted to speak up, but the moment was ruined when several heroes from the League showed up.

Shar: Zach dear you might want to put on some pants, now that you saved us an all.

The league members like Major Victory and Moleculo were there to ensure Atshi didn't escape.


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