Detained- Awakening/Hellfire- Jackpot

(Wasn't planning on it. Not yet, anyway...)

Andre exhaled deeply, not even bothering to open his eyes. He lied there on felt like a bed for almost a minute straight. When he opened his eyes, he was blinded by white. He instantly covered his eyes again, before rolling himself out of the bed.

He opened his eyes, staring at the ground, and once the white didn't hurt his eyes anymore, he stood. He looked around the room, instantly realizing where he was.

"Well, f*ck."

He was in some sort of prison, likely meant for super humans. He sighed, staring down at his white clothing. All this white was starting to make him nauseous. He couldn't help but think of all of the crime going on right now, he was stuck here. Detained.


Jackson sat, waiting as the shadows of the dark room surrounded him. He looked up as a door opened, who ever was behind seemed reluctant about entering the room.

"J-Jackson? Boss w-wants you..."

A rather short man stood at the door, jeans and a simple plain shirt. Malice stood, walking over to the door. The man stood there, fear written all over his face. Malice stopped right in front of him, and the man struggled to breath. Malice turned towards him, and made sure to get right in his face.

"Don't call me Jackson."
He said through his teeth, a near demonic tone to his voice.

The young man nodded violently, his eyes wide with shock, and he still hadn't exhaled. Malice stared a few moments longer, before turning and leaving the doorway.

He grinded his teeth as he walked, fists clenched as if simply breathing infuriated him. Soon, he simply thought, soon.

The man looked no younger than fifty, wore dark clothing, looked like your average mafia boss.

"This is the one, right here, this is the one that'll make us." The Don said, smiling ear to ear.

The one the Don spoke to was a grim-faced man in a suit. He glanced at Malice and simply nodded.

"You two are my best assets, so with you combined, I hope to reap hella profits. I want you two to hit the jackpot, today. I'll send some of my boys along with you."

The two nodded, almost in usion, and turned, walking out of the Don's room. Neither spoke as they towards the van they'd be moving in. Vinnie made sure to grab a pistol on his way out, and Malice? Malice needed no such thing.

The van was silent, save for the occasional bump of the wheels, and the nice of metal vs metal as Malice sharpened his short sword. The two sat in the back, surrounded by men with ski masks on. The van screeched to a stop, and the men cleared out.

The "jackpot" as the Don had called it, was a rather big house, which belonged to the Chemello Family. They had robbed a bank recently, and while they managed to be mostly hush-hush about it, but someone had tipped the Don off, and now they new where the Chemello's stash was. Malice and Vinnie were there to "borrow" the money.

There were eight of them, they all charged into the building from the back, Malice went in first.

The mafiosos wore red, appropriate for what was about to happen. The henchmen opened fire, taking out the surprised mobster with a wave of hot suppressed lead. The henchman wasted no time charging through the building, gunning down anything that moved and wore red. It wasn't long to the other caught on.

Vinnie heard someone shout,"It's a RAID!" and then all hell broke loose.

There was a blast of shells from the back, they had lost one of the eight. Vinnie turned around, personally sending his metal regards to the goons. They pressed on, for there was no time to mourn.

Malice slammed open a door, only to be greeted with a barrage of bullets. It was then that he showed his usefulness. The bullets ripped apart his clothing, even gave the wall a bit of a makeover, but Malice simply shrugged off the wounds and charged, slicing and dicing the bewildered mobsters one by one. The remaining humans made a mental note not to cross their masked associate.

The septet continued, making sure to be weary of angry mobsters popping up out of nowhere.

Vinnie was the next to be assaulted, and the henchman didn't know whether to chalk it up to skill or lighting reflexes, but the assaulter swung with a katana he'd found from lord knows where, and he just...missed. The mobster stumbled, expecting to cut flesh, but didn't, as he did so, was swiftly finished off by Vinnie to a well placed shot to the head. Carmichael, one of the henchman, was wondering if the other six were all lizardmen or something, and found himself on edge as he thought.

Finally, with only one casualty, they had made it. Behind the door before them was the money, too bad it was locked. Vinnie stood in front of it, and, unbeknownst to his allies, stuck his hand through the door, before opening it from the other side. Vinnie heard a muffled, "What the hell?!" right before the door swung open.

The six stepped inside, only to see a man in bathrobes standing there with a shotgun.

"H-How'd you do that? You stuck your hand through the door, that's not f*ckin' right!"

"Neither is this, " Vinnie said blankly, emptying his entire round into the bewildered man.

"Wasn't that Chemello's son?" Carmichael said, a hint of fear in his voice. Vinnie looked sown at the corpse as he stepped out er him.

"We, he isn't now."

Vinnie walked to the other side of the room, eyeing a singular painting. He covered his face and shot at shot at the edges of it in a perpendicular fashion. There was a slightly distorted beep as the painting opened like a door, and behind it was a safe, secured into the wall. Vinnie started to type in a code, but saw something out of the corner of his eye. A second doorways opened and a top less female was attempting to escape the room.

"Hey, you! Come're."

The girl froze, before turning around slowly. Tears began to form in her eyes as she made her way over to Vinnie.

"Now, you wouldn't happen to know the code to this here safe, would you?"

"25575 please don't hurt me!" The girl squealed, even more tears dripping on terror her cheeks now. Vinnie didn't respond and simply punched in the code. It beeped, and then opened, revealing several wads of cash.

"You four, bag it."

The girl looked up at the remain three.

"So can I go now?"

Malice stared at her with his cold, dead eyes.

"She's a witness." He spoke, his voice chilling the spine of everyone in the room.

He then looked towards Carmichael, who wasn't doing anything at the moment.

"Waste her."

The girl looked at Carmichael, screaming, "Please, please, I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!"

"Anything?" Carmichael said I a mischievous tone.

"We don't have time for this."

Dispite the girl's pleas, Carmichael raised his pistol, his hand visibly shaking as he placed his hand over the trigger. The girl then started listing her family member, and Carmichael was overwhelmed.

"I-I can't do it." He said, shame present in his voice. As he uttered those words, Malice felt as if he was possed. His hand went for his shorts word, and he stabbed Carmichael right through the stomach. With that, everyone froze.

The henchmen stared as the corpse hit the ground, and Vinnie put on a pair of shades, before taking the now full bag and leaving the room. Malice looked up at the girl, who had some of Carmichael's blood on her, and was absolutely petrified. Not for long, Malice swung without a second thought, and her head rolled across the room, leaving the body to collapse in its own blood. Showing no sign of remorse for the two murders, Malice simply said, "Let's go," before following behind Vinnie.

The ride back to the Don's was somehow even more quiet then before. No one spoke a word. Some of the henchmen didn't even keen on so much as breathing too loudly.

Six men stepped out of the van, Malice the bloodiest of them all. They made their way up to the Don's office, and Vinnie dropped the bag of cash on his desk. He turned around on his office chair, a smile on his face as he emptied the bag onto his desk. Once he was done examining the money, he looked up realizing only six men stood before him. He had sent eight.

"Where is Antonio?"

"Gone," Vinnie answered simply.

The Don was quiet for a second.

"And, Carmichael?"

Vinnie looked down, before speaking.

"Malice wasted him boss."

The Don looked up at the masked individual.

"Why did you do that?"

"He was weak." Malice said, not even an inch of remorse present in his voice.

The Don sighed.

"Well, uh, good work boys. You're excused."

The six left the room, and didn't utter a word to each other as they did so. Glad to not be in the line of fire anymore, they went their separate ways. Vinnie wouldn't admit it, but he hoped he never crossed paths with that psycho, Malice, again.

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