Detained- Profit/Hellfire- Radar

Michael floated slightly, really just getting comfortable as Antonio spoke.

"Well, Mr. Cortez, it seems that your aid will be extremely profitable. You see, Atarishiana isn't the only associate of mine that has failed to escape capture by the League. A speedster named Andre Gail, who happens to be very dear to me, has also fallen prey to the heroes grasp. I've done a bit of investigating, juvenile really, compared to all that you seem to know, but it seems that Atarishiana has been a constant nag to the League, hence her detainment within this 'Quantum Prison'. Andre, however, is not quite as powerful or as annoying to the League as Atarishiana. His cell is located elsewhere in a much less secure facility. I only ask that we spend a small amount of time collecting this individual, so that our effectiveness may be even greater. The two of us are quite the duo, after all."

Michael began to float a little higher in the air, so that it looked as if he was resting in an invisible hammock. While he appeared calm and collected now, Michael felt that without Andre and their teamwork, he would be nowhere near as powerful as he could be. The boy truly meant a great deal to him, and it wasn't as if having the help of a person who can move at the speed of sound without breaking a sweat wasn't at all helpful. Before they could execute something so dangerous and daring, Micheal needed his partner at his side.


Morgan stared at himself through the mirror, adjusting his tie as he did so. His mask didn't help his vision, but it was far from impossible. Once he had made sure his looks were in order, he turned staring at his apartment through the open bathroom door.

Morgan commonly excepted pay from his jobs, as getting rid of super villains wasn't at all easy. Due to this income, Morgan didn't hesitate to spend it on himself, buying weapons, and most importantly, a place to stay that didn't look like trash. Even with the money, however, he gained ways of more effectively eradicating villains, but effective didn't mean efficient. An organization known as the League was responsible for capturing and containing villains, but those villains were still susceptible to break outs, glitches in security, there was always a chance they could end up on the streets once again. That was why Morgan never showed mercy. He knew for a fact that most villains couldn't cheat death, even with their fancy big muscles or heat vision. A bullet in the dome almost always worked, and when it didn't, Morgan had other means.

Morgan snapped out of his daze upon hearing a news reporter on the television speak about something related to murder. He walked into the living room of his near luxury apartment to listen in on what the reporter had to say.

"...cameras reveal a man with truly superhuman abilities. As you can see here, he is shot repeatedly, but does not appear to be harmed. While it may be due to more effective drugs, or armor of some sort, specialists say that this is an example of superhuman involved in crime.
Dispite this one taking part in activities commonly associated with street criminals, the abilities displayed here seem far too powerful for the police department to handle. Citizens have even taken to calling this man "Malice", due to his ruthlessness and lack of mercy. Hopefully, he's already in the League's radars."

Morgan sighed as he picked up his suitcase.

"The League couldn't give two sh*ts about street crime. He won't be in their radars, but he is in mine. And when get my eyes on something, I don't mess around."

With that, he turned, before walking out of the door.

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