The Plan Stage 1

Michael began to float a little higher in the air, so that it looked as if he was resting in an invisible hammock. While he appeared calm and collected now, Michael felt that without Andre and their teamwork, he would be nowhere near as powerful as he could be. The boy truly meant a great deal to him, and it wasn't as if having the help of a person who can move at the speed of sound without breaking a sweat wasn't at all helpful. Before they could execute something so dangerous and daring, Micheal needed his partner at his side.

Antonio finished his Martini and smirked as he pulled the toothpick full of olives out of the glass and shook it a bit to keep it from dripping. He seemed more preoccupied with his drink than the conversation with Michael, but stopped to him.

Antonio: Relax Mr. Steel. I am already planning to break your speedster out as well as acquiring additional supporters. As you have guessed my plan is complicated and will require various talents to merely get close to Ms. Flinton. As you are here now, you will assist me in acquiring the following people. Andre Gail, Europa Ganymede, Viola Odol, Sani Blin, Luciane Octavos and Jackson Fechimier. I can make due with half of them, but it will complicate things since they each have unique powers needed for my plan to work flawlessly. By now Mr. Blin should be near the facility he believes Ms. Flinton is in, however if he is to rash he will discover it was a very elaborate trap set up by the League to capture him and his boss Luciane Octavos. Should he answer my text he will be joining us soon......if not we may have to spring him as well.

Antonio threw some silver marbles on the floor and a hologram of the city appeared. Then he pulled up a prison for super villains.

Antonio: Your friend is here......In order to get him out I plan to get him from under ground in a stealthy manner, however if he is discover to be missing to soon it will alert the League so that is where you come in. I will need you to record a very convincing illusion on my holo orbs which we will leave in Mr. Gail's cell to make the guards believe he is still there.

Antonio pulled out a bag of holo marbles and set them on the table.

Antonio: These are for you. On the orb I am using now you can find video footage from his cell as I have tapped into it already. Make it very convincing Mr. Steel since any flaw will shorten my time table.

Just then Prime Time walked in and handed Antonio a phone.

Antonio: Excuse me I need to take this.

Antonio left the room as Prime Time stayed behind.


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