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Andre stared at the plate he had been given, slid under the door like in the movies. Mashed potatoes, beans and corn, with a slice of bread as the cherry on top.

Andre sighed, before picking up a bean. He tossed it into the air, before catching it again. Bean in hand, he looked at the perfectly white wall before him. Then at the bean. Then back at the wall. The childish urges became far too much for him, and he threw the bean at the blank wall with all of his force. There was a splat, and the bean created a small brown blotch on the wall.

Andre continued throwing, and once his toddler spell had passed, Andre has created a smiley face on the wall with his beans. He popped one of the leftovers into his mouth before chewing, admiring his work.

Michael floated cross-legged, the tips of his fingers pressed together in typical super villain fashion. He looked over to giant that was "Prime Time", a smirk on his face that looked as if it was taped on.

"Hey, big guy, about how long have you been working under this Antonio character?"

Michael had to admit, he was pretty desperate at this point, and could not afford to bite the hand feeding him, but he still wanted to know a little more about his new associate.


Vinnie walked towards the door as he whoever was on the other end knocked as if they were the police. He opened the door to see a man wearing a suit and a gas mask, complete with a suit case which contained lord knew what, and as he looked this mysterious man up and down, he was glad he had only cracked the door.

"What do you want?" Vinnie said reluctantly. The man adjusted his tie, before speaking, his voice somehow clear as day dispite the mask.

"I'm looking for someone, to be blunt, someone that I know you know. Does "Malice" ring any bells?"

Vinnie stared at the man for a minute, and finally, his eyes lit as the name appeared to click.

"You mean that psycho on the news? Well, I don't think I'd be here if I personally knew the guy."

Morgan took a step forward.

"You're full of sh*t, no offense."

"None taken..."

The two men stared into each other's eyes, and not in the romantic way. Morgan's fists clenched, and he could of sworn he felt his leather gloves rip.

"I'm not known for being nice, but this is my good side. Keep up that bull and I'll ruin you."

Vinnie pointed at the floor and smiled.

"This is my house, and I know the PD wouldn't hire some clown like you. You don't have a warrant, and you don't have a say. Take that bs somewhere else, cause it don't mean a thing here."

As Vinnie moved to close the door, Morgan put his foot in the way.

"I know who you are, Vincent."

The smile on Vinnie's face instantly melted away, and there was nothing left but a dead stare.

"You don't know a damn thing, and neither does anyone else. No offense."

Vinnie proceeded to kick Morgan's foot away before violently slamming door.

He sat on the couch, before pulling out his smartphone.

"Hello? Yeah, this is Ghost. Someone just came to my doorstep and addressed me by name....I don't care what they think, this guy knows too much. Way too much."

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