"That beautiful necklace you have on. Is simply an insurance measure. I have come to ask you to assist my employer in getting a high value target out of a special prison." The make told her, "And I have all the information I need on you, so please do hold your temper or that little choker will give you quite the zap." he said. The man looked around the room, "You had a guest?" he asked her. Europa's side of the bed was made and tucked in. "Here." he said smiling his sunglasses hit his gaze but he was studying the bed. "You have one day to decide if you will help. The collar will explode if you try to remove it, and even if you had a healing factor that would save you it closes the wounds so you would be unable, it's also a tracker so you can't run. Decide and call me." he handed her a card.

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