The Big Guy

Michael floated cross-legged, the tips of his fingers pressed together in typical super villain fashion. He looked over to giant that was "Prime Time", a smirk on his face that looked as if it was taped on.

"Hey, big guy, about how long have you been working under this Antonio character?"

Michael had to admit, he was pretty desperate at this point, and could not afford to bite the hand feeding him, but he still wanted to know a little more about his new associate.

Prime Time looked at Michael with a blank stare as if he asked a complicated question. he wasn't sure what to make of Michael other than he looked like a smart guy. he decided to play it smooth and keep his answers brief.

Prime: About six months. He busted me out and made me a good offer. As you can see I have limited options.

Prime Time picked a steel bar and easily twisted it into a pretzel.


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